Individual Past Life Regression


A session dedicated to you and you alone.


This is a one to one Past Life Experience which will last for approximately one hour.  You get full immersion in your past life to explore and find out whatever you want to know about this past you.


Using hypnosis, I will guide you into a hypnotic trance and then on into your past life.  You choose the life and I will guide you through.  We will explore this past life in some detail, experiencing childhood, adult life and even your own death (if you want to).


An individual Past Life Regression costs £50 per session.

Past Life Regression

Past Life Party

A  party with a difference, why not give it a go?


You and a group of friends can have a chance to experience a past life regression.  I will guide the whole group into hypnosis and then into a past life, to see what that holds for each of you.  As an added bonus I will also give the host (or other member of the party) a chance to experience a Past Life Regression on their own, while the rest of the party watches (if they want to).


You will remember everything that you experience in hypnosis and to help I provide a question sheet to complete after the regression.  This is a way to record the experience and help provide some chat and discussion about it afterwards.

Group sizes can vary from 5 to 10 people and you provide the venue (usually your home).  All I need is nice cosy room, big enough for the group, some peace and quiet, and enough chairs (or cushions, pillows, beanbags etc) for people to be comfortable.


As a bonus, everyone will also receive a 10% discount voucher to spend at Al Dunbar Hypnotherapy. The voucher is valid for 3 months and can be spent on any hypnotherapy treatment you choose.


The price is only £20 per person attending the Past Life Party (minimum of 5 people).


A little disclosure:
Past Life Regression cannot be guaranteed.  Not all people will have a past life experience, some may be vague but a few people will not experience anything at all.  I cannot, therefore, guarantee that everyone will have the same level of experience.

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